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Design the new PICTO token logo



Total Prize Pool

250,000 PICTO($25k) + 100 DAI($100) + $500 of SNT + 10,000 DTH + 100,000 Satoshis(BTC) + 200,000 DANK + 2,000 DNT

Jury Winner

70,000 PICTO + 100 DAI + $250 of SNT + 5,000 DTH + 50,000 Satoshis(BTC) + 100,000 DANK + 1,000 DNT

Community Winners

1st 50,000 PICTO2nd 25,000 PICTO | 3rd – 5th 10,000 PICTO6th – 10th 5,000 PICTO11th – 25th 2,500 PICTO

1st – 25th $10 of SNT | 200 DTH | 2,000 Satoshis(BTC) | 4,000 DANK | 40 DNT

Community Karma Reward

• 125,000 PICTO 

Special Rewards & Prizes

• 26 Pictosis Limited Edition NFTs

5 Status KeyCards

5 Cryptokitties

• 1 Ledger Nano S

3 Ether.Cards

Proud Partners









Meme Factory



Pictosis is a creative ecosystem for digital nomads around the world that love to create, design, collaborate & get rewarded for their outstanding work and community engagement. It was founded to create a playground in which creators, designers and ideators have the opportunity to work in projects from anywhere at any time they feel inspired to create value, where they can unleash their creativity, share their knowledge, enhance their skills and learn from each other improving their performance & career.


Create & design the new official PICTO token logo.  



– Fun

– Creative

– Bold

– Smart

– Trendy

– Fresh

– Innovative

– Minimal

– Timeless

– Playful 

– Unique


Mandatory Requirements

PICTO Token logo should work in black & white and full color versions.

– Full Color logo image file in format 2000 x 2000px(300dpi) .png/.jpg

– Black & White logo image file in format 2000 x 2000px(300dpi) .png/.jpg

– Logo images files size max 5MB.

– Cover image file for your idea in format 1920 x 1080px(300dpi) .png/.jpg

– Cover image file size max 5MB.

– Your logos and cover images have to be uploaded here in the platform.

– All intellectual property from all ideas & designs must belong to its authors, otherwise, they will be disqualify immediately.



* Offensive content or trolling towards any idea, project or user will be removed and/or banned(block) from this platform and from all its social networks, as well as all violence content against human rights, animals rights and/or nature.



This is an open public project to all creatives, designers, crowdstormers & ideators from around the world that opens at [00:00Hrs] [Friday, May 10, 2019] and closes in [Sunday, June 30, 2019] at  [23:59Hrs].

 * The crypto-crowdstorm deadline could be extended, for one time only, if the project needs more time for the community.

Community Winners & Jury Winner Selection

Community winners will be selected by Pictosis voting rating system according to community’s fair will.

Jury Winner will be selected by Pictosis Core Team, Partners & Friends, and the design will become the official PICTO token logo.


Winners Announcement

Approximately 7-15 days after the project ends, the 25 Community Winners & Jury Winner will be announced at the platform, via emailing and in our official social media channels.


Community Karma Reward

During the project, all users that participate in the crowdstorm by submitting designs, giving constructive feedback, fair voting or being active creating community engagement, will receive rewards earning tokens.


The paid out of prizes & rewards will be sent after the crowdstorm closes and when the winners send their selected designs master files. Everyone will receive their payments and/or rewards via crypto transaction to their Ethereum(ETH) wallet addresses (i.e.,,, or alike) and/or to their Lightning Network(BTC) wallets (i.e.,, or alike).


©Copyrights | Intelectual Property

* All rights for commercial use from winners designs & ideas will be assigned completely to Pictosis (PICTOS S.A.) for unlimited and unrestricted use, even though, all credits as the creator will belong to its author.


* Authors from designs & ideas that were not selected as winners will keep all copyrights and intellectual property from their works and will be able to use their creations outside the platform after 6 months once the project is closed in case we(or someone) would like to buy them.


* By participating in this project, you agree and accept all content above in this document.


Download Material

• PICTO Token Design Assets