Closed | Public Crowdstorm | Total Prize Pool $1,500+ USD

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Design a Web3 Sticker Pack



Total Prize Pool

• $1,500 USD in SNT + 2,000,000 DANK + 250,000 PICTO

1st Place  $900 USD in SNT + 900,000 DANK + 110,000 PICTO 

• 2nd Place  $300 USD in SNT + 400,000 DANK + 50,000 PICTO

• 3rd Place  $100 USD in SNT + 200,000 DANK + 25,000 PICTO 

• 4th Place  $60 USD in SNT + 150,000 DANK + 20,000 PICTO 

5th Place  $40 USD in SNT + 100,000 DANK + 15,000 PICTO 

6th – 10th Place $20 USD in SNT + 50,000 DANK + 6,000 PICTO

Community Karma Reward

• 250,000 PICTO distributed as following:

• Per design submission  600 PICTO

• Per comment in a design  200 PICTO

• Per social share  400 PICTO

• Add your account in your profile  200 PICTO

• Add your ETH address in your profile  200 PICTO

Special NFTs Prizes

• Blockchain Cuties

• Axies

• War Riders Vehicles

• Meme Factory Memes

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Meme Factory

• Pictosis



Community sticker design competition to celebrate the launch of the Sticker Market in v1 of the Status Mobile App. We want to celebrate the incredibly talented design community and give you the opportunity to feature your work for purchase by the growing Status App user-base. The stickers will be available for use in the app ahead of the Status App major marketing/PR push so the sticker packs gain as much visibility as possible.


Create 1 to 5 sticker designs that represent web3, decentralization & the partners projects(Status, OpenSea, ENS, MemeFactory, Pictosis) in any way you see fit. Submit your work directly here on the Pictosis platform and share your designs on Twitter with the hashtag #stick2web3.  



– Fun

– Creative

– Bold

– Smart

– Trendy

– Fresh

– Innovative

– Minimal

– Timeless

– Playful 

– Unique


Mandatory Requirements

– Create 1 to 5 stickers that show the core idea of your sticker pack design.

– Sticker pack asset image file in format 2000 x 2000px(300dpi) .png/.jpg with a max size of 5MB.

– Feature image file for your design in format 1920 x 1080px(300dpi) .png/.jpg with a max size of 5MB.

– Your feature image and sticker pack asset image have to be uploaded once you login here in the platform.

– All intellectual property from all ideas & designs must belong to its authors, otherwise, they will be disqualify immediately.

* Stickers will not be available within the Sticker Market as individuals, they are only available as packs. Therefore, the winner as decided by the Status Voting DApp will be asked to create the additional stickers to make up the complete Sticker Pack. Packs range in quantity from 15 to 30 stickers. In order to be the winner of the competition you’ll need to design the full set after the vote is complete.



* Offensive content or trolling towards any idea, project or user will be removed and/or banned(block) from this platform and from all its social networks, as well as all violence content against human rights, animals rights and/or nature.



This is an open public project to all creatives, designers, crowdstormers & ideators from around the world that opens at [00:00 CEST] [Thursday, Feb 20, 2020] and closes on [Friday, Mar 20, 2020] at  [17:00 CEST].

 * The #stick2web3 crowdstorm deadline could be extended, for one time only, if the project needs more time for the community.

Submissions & Winners Phases

This is an open public project to all creatives, designers, crowdstormers & ideators from around the world:

• Phase 1 – Start date of the 3 week submissions period on Thursday 20th 2020, crowdstorm announcement will be made at NFT.NY event. Submissions period hard stop at 5pm CEST on Friday March 13th 2020. We will then review all submissions and notify the five artists with the most votes on the Pictosis platform & the five artists selections by the judges panel.

• Phase 2 – The 10 chosen Community & Jury artists will be listed on the Status Voting DApp on Monday, March 16th 2020 and the voting begins, until a hard stop at 5pm CEST on Friday March 20th 2020. Winners will be announced after the vote is finalized, artists will be contacted and confirmed!


Community Karma Reward

During the project, all users that participate in the crowdstorm by submitting designs, giving constructive feedback, fair voting or being active creating community engagement, will receive rewards earning tokens.


The paid out of prizes & rewards will be sent after the crowdstorm closes and when the winners send their selected designs master files. Everyone will receive their payments and/or rewards via crypto transaction to their Ethereum(ETH) wallet addresses (i.e.,,, or alike).

* The main winner sticker pack will be available for purchase and install within the Status Sticker Market for 20 SNT and 100% of proceeds from Stciker Pack sales go directly to the artist.


©Copyrights | Intelectual Property

* Authors from designs & ideas keep all copyrights and intellectual property from their works.

* By participating in this project, you agree and accept all content above in this document.


Download Material

• All Status logos, color pallets, and fonts can be found on Github here for your to use them.

• All Pictosis logo assets can be found here.

• All ENS logo assets can be found here.

• All MemeFactory logo assets can be found here.

• All OpenSea logo assets can be found here.

#stick2web3 sample assets can be found here(feature image & sticker pack design image format).