BG Berlin URBE 2018 Collection

Design your own suitcase & win up to $6,250

Crowdstorm Design Open Project

28 August 2017

Want to design your own suitcase & win up to $6,250 for your creative work?

Do you have what it takes to create killer designs for the new BG Belin URBE 2018 Suitcase Collection? This is your opportunity to show the world your talent and take your creative career to the next level getting paid for your outstanding designs. Sign up and join the BG Berlin URBE 2018 Collection crowdstorm design project to submit your awesome creations to win up to $6,250.

BG Berlin URBE bestseller suitcases.

Photograph by BG Berlin

Creating your designs for the BG Berlin 2018 URBE Collection crowdstorm design project gives you the opportunity to be seen by the brand’s Headquarters and get selected as a winner, get paid and have your designs produced as part of their new collection.

“Your designs could become bestselling suitcases traveling around the world!”

BG Berlin URBE bestseller suitcases.

Photograph by BG Berlin

Why submit your designs?

You can earn money for each winning design selected by the brand as set in the project briefing here. You can also get rewarded with financial prizes if the community selects your designs by giving you the best ratings. Besides, you can build your design portfolio, meet other creatives & designers from around the world, get great feedback from a community that helps you to improve your work, getting better everyday.

Would you like to become the new ARTSOCIETY talent of the BG Berlin brand?

We all love to see the life behind the creators, what inspires them, their lifestyle & culture, that’s why BG Berlin publishes the printed newsletter ARTSOCIETY in which their creative talent get known worldwide by sharing their professional work and personal projects.

How can you participate?

Sign up and register onto the platform to read the briefing, get inspired and create your killer designs to submit to the BG Berlin URBE 2018 crowdstorm design project.

Design. Create. Collaborate.


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