Public Project | Closed | Total Prize Pool $6,250



Design your own suitcase for BG Berlin (Updated)

#MeetTheWorld | Urban Contemporary Traveling Lifestyle




$6,250 Total Prize Pool


1. Clients Choice Awards

$5,000 pool prize for 10 winner designs selected by the client for $500 each. *License fee included.


2. Community Awards

$1,000 pool prize for the top 10 community rating designs for $100 each.


3. MVP Award

$250 prize for the best designer performance.


4. Special Awards

 A set of BG Berlin suitcases for each of the clients choice award winners.





BG Berlin is an innovative German luggage and travel accessories brand from BENGA International GmbH. The brand focuses on contemporary art and they are fascinated by culture, design and fashion for the free and spirited traveller. The reason they’re different is because they have created an art ‘society’; a community that follows the above, travel and arts interests. Within this community you are given the opportunity to showcase your talent. Sharing common interests but from different viewpoints, this is an exclusive approach to exposing your unique abilities.

BG Berlin’s current best seller collection was designed by Pictosis creators, designers & artists from around the world trendsetting in different markets.





Are you ready to #MeetTheWorld?

Now, is time for you to get onboard once again! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity for the new crowdstorm design project where the BG Berlin URBE Suitcase Collection 2018 will be designed, produced and launched into markets next year! You too can be one of the winning designers & artists who will see their creations in real life enjoyed by travellers all around the world.





The brand is looking for contemporary, cool, fresh and creative artworks to be printed on the front and back sides of the suitcases to set a new trend in the travel market.

Get your creative mojo going! BG Berlin travelers are from around the world, they love to standout from the crowd with their urban fashion lifestyles & outfits, they love to meet new people, share art, design & global culture.




• Cool

• Fun

• Creative

• Contemporary

• Fresh

• Provocative

• Colorful 

• Timeless 



Mandatory Requirements 

• You must use templates files from download material section(see below).

• Your designs images max file size 5MB in 2000 x 2000px / 300dpi (.png or .jpg).

• Covers images of your designs max file size 5MB in 2000 x 2000px / 300dpi (.png or .jpg).

• All images must be uploaded only here in Pictosis.

• If selected as a winner, you must provide original files (.ai or .psd) to receive your prize.

• All intellectual property from all artworks & designs must belong to it’s author, otherwise, they will be immediately disqualified.




* Offensive content addresses to any idea, project or user will be removed and/or banned(block) from this platform and from all it’s social networks, as well as all violent content against human rights, animals rights and/or nature.




This is an open public crowdstorm design project to all creatives / designers from all around the world. The start date is Monday Aug-14-2017 at 9am & it ends Sunday Oct-31-2017* at 23:59pm.



Selection & Jury

All the “Clients Choice Winners” will be selected by “BG Berlin Team Members”, and “Community Award Winners“ will be selected by the “Platform Rating Star System“ shown in each entry. The proposals that do not fill out all mandatory requirements will be removed from the final round selection.

There are no maximum entries allowed. All participants are allowed to enter multiple times with a different design/artwork per time. Therefore if selected more than once participants can gather more $ in prizes if their designs/artworks are selected by the jury as “Clients Choice Winners” of this project as well as selected as “Community Award Winners“.




All 20 winners  will be announced on Tuesday Nov-07-2017* by email and will also be posted on the Pictosis platform, social media & blogs.



Special Prizes

All “Clients Choice Winners” will receive 1 set(x3) of the new URBE 2018 Collection of suitcases. “Community Award Winners“ & “Clients Choice Winners” will be featured in BG Berlin ArtSociety Catalogue, BG Berlin new website(wip) & BG Berlin 2018 Campaign as well as featured on the Pictosis platform, social media & blogs.




Monetary prizes will be sent 2-3 weeks after winners announcement date(once original design files delivered) and will be done via the following options:

• PayPal

• WireTransfers (bank txn fees deducted from money prize)

• ETH (ethereum cryptocurrency) (eth/usd fixed price at payments date).



©Copyrights & Licenses | Intelectual Property | Rules & Legals

* All rights for commercial use from winner designs & artworks will be assigned 100% to BG Berlin for unlimited and unrestricted use, even though, all credits as the creator, designer & artist of winner entries will belong to it’s authors.

 * Authors from projects that were not selected as winners will keep all copyrights and intellectual property from their entries and will not be able to use their designs & artworks after 6 months once the crowdstorm design project is closed in case the client wants to buy more proposals from participants. If participants use their proposals outside Pictosis or in any third party client or platform, it won’t be consider or included for future client licenses.

* If Client requires, crowdstorms projects may extends submission times for any reason the brand needs to do so.

* Payment times may vary according to the time Client pays to Pictosis platform as well as soon all winners © papering it’s done & masters files delivered.

* By participating in this project, you agree and accept all content above in this document.



Download Material

• Template for your designs

• Template for your covers



Follow BG Berlin in Social Medias















Clients Feedback





BG Berlin team is loving your designs proposals so much that they are very happy to announce a new $250 prize for the favorite designer of this crowdstorm design project adding also to more 2 weeks for you to submit your outstanding designs.


We have received a lot requests from designers around the world for time extension and BG Berlin really wants to give the creative community the opportunity to create together in this crowdstorm for 15 more days.


We know we were close to the final days and we really apologize for any inconvinience but we truly believe that as this we are more inclusive with all creative community as a lot of you asked us to give you some more time to participate.


That’s why we also added the MVP award prize that will give $250 to the most value player of this outstanding crowdstorm design project for BG Berlin Urbe Suitcase Collection 2018.


Last but not least, BG Berlin gave us some hints of what they would love to see for this upcoming crowdstorming days to mix concepts to define the final winner designs for their new collection.




  • Iconic/Cultural
  • Reminder/Flashback
  • Legendary/Society
  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Retro 80’s-90’s(not vintage)
  • Commercial
  • Timeless
  • Simple


All this points refer to concepts & designs that have a connection with people through time, society and global culture, that’s why the best example for this are their current collection designs such a: “Tv Set“, “Caution“, “Oldschool“ that are their best selling in the global market.


So, that being said, let’s play to create, design & collaborate together with all our talent and skills to make this BG Berlin Urbe Suitcase Collection 2018 the best of the year!


Good luck to all of you & thank you for all your incredible work!


We love you!






Pictosis Team


BG Berlin meeting the world!

Check out this photos from their social medias accounts, you can find a lot more pictures from there to get inspired to create your killer designs for the new BG Berlin URBE Collection 2018.

BG Berlin Collection 2015-2017

Check out & enjoy this bestsellers clients choice winner designs created here in the platform for BG Berlin Collection 2015-2017, get inspired & create your killer designs for the new BG Berlin URBE Collection 2018. Are you ready?